BAHLUL, family of rabbis in Meknès, Morocco. DANIEL BEN JUDAH (second half of 17th century) was a halakhist, kabbalist, and preacher. He wrote copious notes on Yazeḥ Yakar, a work by Abraham Galanté on the Zohar to Exodus (Jerusalem National Library Ms.), and a volume of sermons which is frequently   quoted in the work of his son Eleazar. His other sons were Samuel and Joseph. SAMUEL was also a rabbi of Meknès. His signature occurs on the halakhic rulings of the community, one of which is dated 1732. ELEAZAR was one of the important scholars of Meknès. His signature appears on the decisions given in 1726 and 1730. Of his many works, which are extant in manuscript, the most important is Sefer Mareh Einayim (Jerusalem National Library), composed in Fez between 1710 and 1712, a collection of sermons by Castilian exiles and Moroccan rabbis from the 16th century, as well as sermons which Eleazar had heard from Ereẓ Israel emissaries. He also wrote Pekuddat Elazar on Proverbs, and a commentary on rabbinic maxims. In 1718 he edited and adapted Refu'ot u-Segullot and Tivei Asavim of Jacob Katan of Fez. JOSEPH was the secretary to the bet din of Meknès in 1834 and was later appointed dayyan. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J.M. Toledano, Ner ha-Ma'arav (1911), 145; J. Ben-Naim, Malkhei Rabbanan (1931), 22b, 29a, 61b, 94a, 126a; G. Scholem, Kitvei Yad be-Kabbalah (1937), 102–4.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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